New Publication Announcement

Kody Waldstein Published

Kody Waldstein's (Varga lab) manuscript Topical Adenosine Inhibits Inflammation and Mucus Production in Viral Acute Rhinosinusitis was recently published in Laryngoscope. The manuscript is currently online ahead of print and was supported by the Immunology T32 pre-doctoral training grant.
Kody Waldstein and Steve Varga

Kody Waldstein defeneds his thesis

Kody Waldstein successfully defended his thesis "The Role of Respiratory Syncytial Virus In Modulating Early Innate Inflammatory Responses" receiving his PhD in Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Immunology. Kody was a student in the Steve Varga, PhD lab.

Legend in the Making - Ti-Ara Turner

Ti-Ara Turner (Mangalam lab) received the Legend in the Making award from the Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute during the Rosa Parks Awards Gala. Ms. Turner was the youngest honoree at this event.

3-MT finalists

Congratulations to Mayo Akinbo, Jace Heath, Amanda Heiderscheit and Austin Santhin for being named finalists for the Three Minute Thesis (3MT)! Mayo Akinbo won the Jakobsen/GSS Award for Research Imagery.

Congratulations to Laura Pietrok!

Congratulations to Dana Bohan!

Congratulations to the following Immunology Graduate Students on their appointment to the Immunology T32 Pre-doctoral Training Grant!

• Austin Santhin • Mayo Akinbo • Jace Heath • Amanda Heiderscheit • Hannah Van Ert • Sam Connell

Fionna Surette's New Publications

Check out some new publications from, Immunology PhD Student, Fionna Surette (Noah Butler lab)!! Lefebvre, M. N., Surette, F. A., Anthony, S. M., Vijay, R., Jensen, I. J., Pewe, L. L., Hancox, L. S., Van Braeckel-Budimir, N., Van de Wall, S., Urban, S., Mix, M. R., Kurup, S. P., Badovinac, V. P...

Congrats to Jace Heath!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jace Heath who passed his Doctoral Comprehensive Examination yesterday! Jace is a student in the lab of Priya Issuree, PhD, (Internal Medicine-Infectious Diseases).