Fall 2023 Schedule (pdf)

Date Presenter

Elvia Silva

Seminar Title: "Inoculum dose and prior immune modulations as parameters that impact MHV1 severity and T resident memory.""


Ivy Debreceni

Seminar Title: "IL-27 promotes pathogenic Tfh-like CD4 effectors and exhausted-like CD8 Tcells in a mouse model of Sjogren's disease."

9/4/23 Labor Day

Jayden Bowen

Seminar Title: "Differential roles of Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 in allergic airway inflammation"


Sam Connell

Seminar Title: "CD4 T cells from mice with alopecia areata express an effector like phenotype and can transfer disease"


Hannah Van Ert

Seminar Title: "Utilizing a murine model of Ebola Virus infection to study vertical transmission and tropism within placental tissues"


Maddi Mix

Seminar Title: "Physiological microbial exposure expands memory T cells surveillance of the brain"


Maddi Lensing

Seminar Title: " Harnessing the protective potential of Tregs in Alopecia Areata"


Jace Heath

Seminar Title: "Dissecting the role of TCR mediated tonic signals in T cell fate"


Amanda Heiderscheit

Seminar Title: The CFH gene family and the glomerular microenvironmental of C3 glomerulopathy"


Mayo Akinbo

Seminar Title: Novel roles of TIM3 in DC function and activation"


1st Rotation Talks: Blake Bernauer, KB Butler, Ifechukwu Ezeilo

Seminar Titles: "Exploring the impact of METTL3 inhibition on M6A levels in HIV-1"

"Fatty acid binding protein 4, macrophages and fatty treatment"

"A novel RNA Aptamers-based diagnosis platform to measure IL6R occupancy"


1st Rotation Talks: Austin Paden, Nicole Ruiz-Correa, Frederick Tei-Maya

Seminar Titles: "Compartmentalization in influenza infection and its effects on the immune response"

"Effects of IL-12/IL-23 depletion in mouse model of Sjogren's Disease"

"Investigating the Role of CD47 on immune cells in Homeostatsis"


11/20/23 Fall Break & AIC

Sudeep Ghimire-Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Seminar Title: "Identifying gut microbiome signature in Multiple Sclerosis patients"


Jonathan Jeschke-Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Seminar Title: "Individualized weight-at-age growth models provide a general framework for timely identification of phenotypically heterogeneous growth anomalies associated with spontaneous enterocolitis"  


12/11/23 Final Exam Week