A combination of University of Iowa support and revenue from the Carver Trust and training grants from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute provides a stable and long-term source of funding for graduate students making satisfactory progress.

Immunology students receive a guaranteed stipend ($33,000 in 2023-24), full tuition, fees, and health insurance allowance.

Additional support includes:

Extramural Fellowships

The Immunology Program does not require students to obtain individual fellowships. However, students with strong academic credentials and research experience are strongly encouraged to apply for extramural support to be eligible for an enhanced stipend. The College of Medicine provides a $2,000 salary supplement for students obtaining extramural funding.

The Graduate College's Fellowship Incentive Program can support your application with initial consultations, review your materials, and $500 of financial support just for applying.

National Competitive Fellowships

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