Tina Arkee

Role of TRAF3-CD28 Interactions in the Regulation of T Cell Signaling

TRAF3 is an intracellular adaptor protein that regulates lymphocyte function in a cell-type specific manner. In T cells, TRAF3 is required for signaling through the TCR, differentiation and function of invariant NK T cells, restraint of Treg differentiation, and T cell responses to immunization and infection. TRAF3 deficiency specific to T cells does not affect T cell survival, unlike TRAF3 deficiency in B cells, and CD4 and CD8 T cell numbers are normal; the defect lies, instead, in T cell function. Our goal is to understand how TRAF3 regulates TCR signaling, as well as how TRAF3 recruits and interacts with CD28 at the TCR.


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