Nicole Chapman

The Related Kinases FAK and Pyk2 Serve Distinct Functions in TCR-mediated T Cell Activation

The Role of FAK and Pyk2 in the Activation of Human T cells

Human T cells control the adaptive immune response to pathogens and are also linked to the pathogenesis of multiple human diseases. T cells require two stimulatory signals to become fully activated. The first of these signals is delivered after the TCR binds its cognate peptide: MHC complex, while the second signal can be achieved through ligation of one of many costimulatory receptors, such as VLA-4. Currently, our understanding of how the signaling pathways downstream of the TCR and VLA-4 converge to regulate T cell activation is not completely understood. A better understanding of proteins that regulate the activation of these pathways is important, since they may prove useful for the development of therapeutic targets to treat T cell-mediated immunological disorders.

Two intracellular non-receptor tyrosine kinases activated following both TCR and VLA-4 ligation are FAK and Pyk2. In other immune cells, Fak and Pyk2 have been shown to be involved in processes the regulate actin cytoskeleton reorganization and migration. However, their functions in TCR- and VLA-4-mediated signaling in human T cells have not been investigated. We have developed a microRNA silencing technique to study the functions of Fak and Pyk2 downstream of the TCR and VLA-4. Using this strategy along with quantitative biochemical and biophysical techniques, we aim to characterize the functions of Fak and Pyk2 as they relate to the TCR- and VLA-4-mediated activation of human T cells. These studies will identify novel functions for Fak and Pyk2 and will provide insight as to whether FAK and Pyk2 could serve as useful therapeutic targets in the treatment of a variety of immunologic diseases.

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Nicole Chapman