Mahmood Bilal

The Role of Grb2 family members in T cell Receptor (TCR)-mediated signaling events

I am interested in understanding the molecular events initiated by TCR activation. Specifically, I am focused on understanding how the Grb2 family of adaptor proteins, mediate and control signaling complexes that are crucial for signal transduction downstream of the TCR. The project is centered on studying the mechanism by which Grb2 and Grap assemble SH3 domain ligands at the LAT signaling complex. To this end, I plan to examine these events using human peripheral blood T cells and T cell lines where the expression of Grb2 or Grap have been suppressed by microRNA interference. These studies will help define the role of Grb2 family members and SH3/SH2 domain ligands in signaling pathways associated with disease, including leukemia and lymphomas.

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Honors and Awards

  • 2010 Autumn Immunology Conference – John H. Wallace Fellowship
  • Predoctoral Training Grant in Immunology (NIH 2 T32 AI007485-16)
Associate of Pathology
HLA Laboratory Director in Training
University of Iowa
Mahmood Bilal