Claire Buchta (Rosean)

Mechanisms of TLR Signaling and Cooperation in B Lymphocytes

The Bishop lab studies lymphocyte activation. My project focuses on studying novel strategies to enhance the efficacy of vaccination. I am currently focusing on the roles played by specific types of lymphocytes in stimulating the immune response to vaccines. I am examining the optimal combination of stimuli to trigger multiple arms of the immune response to increase vaccine efficacy.

My main project centers on the development of a successful cellular vaccine. This approach utilizes manipulated immune cells as vaccine vehicles against cancer or infectious agents. In the general model of a cellular vaccine, antigen presenting cells are removed from a patient, activated against a particular target ex vivo, and reintroduced into the patient. Our lab recently showed that B lymphocytes are effective as the antigen-presenting cell in cellular vaccines. I am currently focusing on optimizing peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) for use in cellular vaccines. Using an unseparated, mixed cell population such as PBMC would be more feasible and cost-effective in a clinical setting. Additionally, mixed population cellular vaccines may be more effective than purified B cell vaccines due to the presence of additional cell types and activating cytokines. I am investigating ways to exploit those strengths as I test hypotheses about approaches that may be useful in vaccine design.

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Honors and Awards

  • Appointed to the Immunology Predoctoral Training Grant
  • Immunology Admissions Committee Student Representative 2010-2011
  • AAI Young Investigator Award at the 2011
  • Abstract Trainee Award from the American Association of Immunologists, Boston, MA 2012
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Claire Buchta (Rosean)