Erik Brincks

Roles for TRAIL in the Immune Response to Influenza Virus Infection

My research examines the role that TNF-related apoptosis inducing ligand (TRAIL) plays in the immune response to influenza infection. Classically, roles for TRAIL have been in the context of tumor immunology, where interactions of TRAIL with its ligand DR-5 (TRAIL-R2) stimulate apoptosis in tumor cells. Recent studies have suggested a role for TRAIL signaling in the immune response to viral infections—including RSV, HSV, and HIV. Our preliminary studies of influenza infection in TRAIL-deficient mice show increased disease severity compared to TRAIL-sufficient mice. My goals are to determine the role that TRAIL is playing in the immune response to influenza virus infections and to elucidate the cause of the increased disease severity in the TRAIL -/- mice.

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Brincks, EL, Legge KL, Griffith TS (2008). TRAIL deficiency increases the severity of influenza virus infections. Options for the Control of Influenza VI. 158. (non peer reviewed therefore no PMCID)

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