Kathryn Trandem

  • Mt. Holyoke College
  • B.A., Chemistry, Wesleyan University
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Date Ph.D. awarded: 
May, 2012

Mice infected with hepatitis virus, strain JHM (JHMV), develop a chronic demyelinating disease with similarities to multiple sclerosis. The disease is largely immunopathological, with demyelination occurring during the course of virus clearance. We seek to investigate the role of regulatory T cells in JHMV-induced demyelination using two complementary experiments with adoptive transfer of regulatory T cells (CD4+foxp3+) and/or JHMV-immune splenocytes to C57BL/6 (immunocompetent) and Rag1-/- (immunodeficient) recipients. Additionally, we are investigating IL-10 with the ultimate goal of understanding the relationship between regulatory T cells and IL-10-producing cells in virus-induced demyelination. This research will contribute to our understanding of the immune system's role in mediating demyelination through a virus-induced murine multiple sclerosis model. Our goal is that this knowledge will lead to better treatment and therapies for persons suffering from this disabling disease.


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